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The Muse Spa  :  Wellness as a creative tool

A 6-Week Self-Study eCourse


A digital retreat for creatives, writers & artists.

Designed to help you supercharge your creativity by enhancing your health & wellbeing.

You have a beautiful, powerful creative spirit.

Introducing: your muse.

And though your muse is ever-present and infinitely creative – your connection with her is delicate and fragile.

Busy days, emotional lows, physical issues – these can all affect how available you are to your beautiful muse and the creative blessings she has for you.

Your physical and emotional wellness has a direct impact on your creativity.

Self-care as a creative tool

The Muse Spa supports you in nurturing your health and wellbeing, not only because these all affect you, but because they also affect your relationship with your muse.  

In this way, self-care can be a creative tool. And small changes and shifts in your foundational habits of self-care can yield massive results for your creative life.

Your unique essence is a living alchemy of mind, body and soul. When you change one element, you affect the whole. You are a holistic being and your work, your art comes from this whole. 

So looking after you is great for your creativity. 

Nurturing you improves your creativity.

• • • 

Nurturing your creativity improves everything.


The pursuit of a creative life is not for the feint-hearted!

It can be joyful and exhilarating, it can be soul-satisfying and spiritually rewarding – but it can also demand a great deal from our inner wellsprings of resilience, perseverance, confidence and stamina.

We need to be fit, well, and able to turn up at the page, easel or studio.

Creative expression can itself be a healthful force, but we also have a part to play in keeping ourselves in prime condition to express our genius within.

Our art needn’t be torturous or angst-ridden, but we owe it to ourselves and the life we dream of to stay physically muse-worthy.

And that’s what The Muse Spa is all about.

• Devoting care and attention on the bodily home of your creative spirit.

• Applying health and wellness principles to enhance and strengthen your access to creativity and inspiration.

• Using self-care to tune in and reconnect to the source of your inspiration – your muse.

Because optimal health and wellness provide the energy, inspiration and time you need to live and love your creative dreams.

Follow the advice that makes you smile

The Muse Spa Treatment Plan:


week 1 :  

health & beauty

Building a foundation of physical health and wellness.

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week 2 :

inner calm

Dissolving creative blocks with a Stress Detox.


week 3 :

outer calm

Your environment, your creative space & your home as sanctuary.

lotus circle

week 4 :


Opening to inspiration.

Tracking your rhythms and creative flow.


week 5 :


20/20 Creative Vision.

Connecting to your muse.


week 6 :


Putting it all together:

Creative Bliss &

Inspired Living.

Discover the life-enhancing connection between creativity and wellness.


The Muse Spa : Self-Study Course

A 6-week digital retreat for soul-seeking creatives

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• Welcome Pack

The Welcome Pack walks you through your Pre-Spa Guide; an orientation of the magic of The Muse Spa.

•  The Treatments

A collection of beautiful workbooks; insights and step-by-step instructions to get you and you muse back together.

• Daily Muse Prompts

A powerful component of regular virtual 'nudges' - short and very sweet daily prompts on behalf of your muse.

• Secret Ingredient

Which is… a secret! This simple, yet powerful element will be revealed within your Welcome Pack.

Possibly the only spa in the world with a Satisfaction Guarantee…

I believe, heart and soul, in the power and benefits of crafting an inspired and creative life.

I am living – and loving – the results in my own life, and I’ve seen my clients enjoying the same new sense of aliveness, vibrant energy and mysterious magic.

But, like falling in love or becoming a parent, words can’t express how wonderful it feels.

The best way to convince you of these benefits is to help you experience them for yourself.

And to make it easier for you to invest your time and money in this course, I offer you a promise:

If you don’t see or feel any noticeable shifts or improvements within the first two weeks – I will refund your payment. 

With my blessing. And a thank you for sampling The Muse Spa.

So you have 14 days to try out The Muse Spa, to see if it’s right for you.

• • • 


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About Danielle

I’ve been a creative professional and student of the creative process for over 20 years.

In all that time, I’ve been tracking and testing which actions, habits and mindsets lead to an easier and more joyful creative life, as well as an inspired and healthful life balance.

The Muse Spa is a treasury of everything I’ve learned so far.

For more details about me, my work, blog and free tools for creatives, visit danielleraine.com


Follow your bliss. 

It knows the way. 

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