Hi, I’m Danielle Raine, the creator of The Muse Spa. 

My passion is helping creative women do more of the work they love.

I created this course to share what I’ve learned about inspiration after studying creativity and creative living for over two decades.

It’s been a journey of discovery focused on my two favourite topics – creativity and wellness.

Because I’ve learned first-hand just how interconnected these two aspects are, and how we can boost them simultaneously to kick start an upward spiral of energy, joy and creative success.

This is the core theme of The Muse Spa, and creating it has been a labour of love that proved the principles I’m sharing.

And it’s a creation that has grown into a career that I absolutely love.

Ever since I launched The Muse Spa, I have continued blogging about the power and magic of inspired living.

You find more about my latest projects and all my most recent blog posts and tips over on, and you can discover more online courses for creative souls over on my new course portal, Creative Well.

I’m also compiling an archive of my Creativity Newsletter, which is a great way to see what my work is about.

Or you can dive deeper into the magic of the Muse Spa philosophy here.

And I hope you’ll enjoy discovering the potential of this inspiring connection for yourself.

May the muse be with you. ♥


…because everything is easier

when you’re inspired. 

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