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What is The Muse Spa?

The Muse Spa is an invitation and a guide to muse-friendly living:

• A 6-part process to create the ideal conditions for a healthy, creative, joyous relationship with your muse.

• An action plan for recalibrating your life, to make space for what matters to you.

• A system of mindset support and lifestyle design, that primes you for an inspired, expressive and harmonious quality of life.

It’s a step-by-step guide guide to the life-enhancing magic that awaits you…
when you nurture your creative spirit and rediscover your muse.


An inspiring combination of workbooks, articles and daily prompts, to help you master the art of joyful creative expression – allowing unnecessary creative blocks and struggles to gently fall away.


A life-design practice to reconnect you with your intuition and your rich inner senses, and enjoy effortless access to the source of your inspiration; your muse.


A programme of self-care and self-discovery to lead you back to your innate health, beauty and wellbeing, and enjoy a vibrant connection with body and soul.

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There is a way to live where you have time for your creative pleasures.

(Your muse will even help you find it.)

• • • 

There is a way to move through life, supported and inspired by a benevolent magic.

• • • 

There is a way to be, where you feel confident, peaceful and in touch with your true, powerful, brilliantly creative nature.

And the best bit?

This work will not only reboot your creative life – you are a holistic being, so when you make any positive changes, you can expect exciting ripple effects across your whole life.

When you give your creative spirit a little TLC, magic happens…

Get ready to rediscover;

• the thrill of creative flow

• the soul-soothing fulfilment of true expression

• your natural vibrant life energy

• your innate intuition and body wisdom

• a calm, inner confidence and strong sense of self

This is the Muse Spa magic:

The easy and fun route to getting back in your flow and loving your life.

Because when your muse is on board, everything becomes so much easier.

The way it’s meant to be.

The Muse Spa Treatment Plan: 


week 1 :  

health & wellness

Building a foundation of physical health and wellbeing.

lotus 2

week 2 :

inner calm

Dissolving creative blocks with a Stress Detox.


week 3 :

outer calm

Your environment, your creative space & your home as sanctuary.

lotus circle

week 4 :


Opening to inspiration.

Tracking your rhythms and creative flow.


week 5 :


20/20 Creative Vision.

Connecting to your muse.


week 6 :


Putting it all together:

Creative Bliss &

Inspired Living.

6 ways to bring the colour and sparkle back to your creative life.

lilac orchid

You’ll discover the joy, synchronicity, ease and flow of reconnecting with your creative spark.

You’ll begin to align with inspiration, intuition and a life-enhancing love affair with your muse.

Because these are the blessings awaiting you, when you begin to nurture your precious creative spirit.

And now is the perfect time to explore those gifts that you know are within you.


• Welcome Pack

On signing up, you immediately begin your Muse Spa journey with The You Review questionnaire.

This powerful ingredient will help you get clear on your life goals and creative dreams – as well as what obstacles are in the way.

This step alone can bring much welcome relief from the frustration of confusion and overwhelm. It can also spark eye-opening insights and ideas that inspire you to begin making positive changes straightaway.

The Welcome Pack then walks you through your Pre-Spa Guide; an orientation of the magic of The Muse Spa. It also includes a simple (yet powerful) action you can take today to invite your muse into your life.

•  6 x Weekly Menus of Digital Treatments

Each week you’ll receive access to a new Treatment Menu.

These feature a carefully selected range of ‘Treatments’ – beautiful workbooks, exercises and step-by-step instructions to get you and you muse back together.

Based on the powerful 6-part Muse Spa system, these suggestions, tasks,  games and invitations will spark new insights, trigger new thought patterns and encourage new habits and activities that will support and enhance your creativity, inspiration and wellbeing.

They’re designed to reconnect you to the joy and excitement of your creative spirit, rekindling the spark that first drew you to the creative life.

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• Daily Muse Prompts

The Muse Spa combines the convenience and flexibility of a self-study format with a powerful component of regular virtual ‘nudges’.

These Daily Prompts are a sequence of  short and very sweet nudges on behalf of your muse.

Like a paper trail from your muse, these lighthearted hints, games and invitations are designed to complement and develop the main Muse Spa techniques.

They  also incorporate an often neglected channel of creative inspiration: fun!

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The Muse Spa Secret Ingredient

Which is… a secret! At least, it’s only revealed within your Welcome Pack.

This ingredient plays an important role in the process. It will make you more likely and able to implement positive changes in your life, especially those changes you’ve been meaning to make but haven’t yet found the right motivation.

question mark Q&A coaching

New! Now includes Q&A Online Coaching

To support you in your Muse Spa journey, you receive support and coaching for your unique questions. 

Throughout the programme, there are opportunities for you to get your questions answered via email coaching ann an upcoming Q&A vault, where you can also access other participants’ questions and my coaching responses. 

These nuances and clarifications can make a world of difference in helping you implement the potent Muse Spa principles into your life, where they can work their powerful magic. 

6 weeks.

• • •  

6 powerful modules  

• • •  

6 steps to rediscovering your brilliant creative spirit.

The Muse Spa : Self-Study Course

A 6-week digital retreat for creatives

PRICE: £111

(Or FREE with Creative Well Membership)

Click here to pay securely via PayPal

and get immediate access to your Welcome Pack

Muse Spa Creativity Wellness Virtual Retreat danielle raine

I discovered The Muse Spa while trying to reconnect with my creativity on a daily basis and make it a priority in my life.

This course guided me gently into profound lifestyle changes, increased my awareness around my creative habits and inspired me to follow the bliss, the inner knowing that we all have, but often dismiss.

The daily reminders, or “Messages from the Muse” were very helpful to stay on track and enthusiastic!

It surely helped me to develop a more positive self-talk towards myself and made me feel more serene during those six transformative weeks.

The link between wellbeing and creativity is one of the most important lessons that one can learn on this creative path.

Everything changes once we know how to take care of ourselves!

The Muse Spa is the perfect place to start this adventure.

Anna Niesler

Artist + Coach

danielle raine creativity coach creator of the muse spa

About Danielle

I’ve been a creative professional and student of the creative process for over 25 years.

In all that time, I’ve been tracking and testing which actions, habits and mindsets lead to an easier and more joyful creative life, as well as an inspired and healthful life balance.

The Muse Spa is a treasury of everything I’ve learned so far.

For more details about me, my work, blog and free tools for creatives, visit

Possibly the only spa in the world with a Satisfaction Guarantee…

I believe, heart and soul, in the power and benefits of crafting an inspired and creative life.

I am living – and loving – the results in my own life, and I’ve seen my clients enjoying the same new sense of aliveness, vibrant energy and mysterious magic.

But, like falling in love or becoming a parent, words can’t express how wonderful it feels.

The best way to convince you of these benefits is to help you experience them for yourself.

And to make it easier for you to invest your time and money in this course, I offer you a promise:

If you don’t see or feel any noticeable shifts or improvements within the first two weeks – I will refund your payment. 

With my blessing. And a thank you for sampling The Muse Spa.

So you have 14 days to try out The Muse Spa, to see if it’s right for you.• • •

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6-week Self-Study Course

PRICE: £111

(Or FREE with Creative Well Membership)

Click here to pay securely via PayPal

and get immediate access to your Welcome Pack

The Muse Spa treatments have given me the tools to evaluate and reset my creativity.

These are tools I will revisit often.

Thank you, Danielle!

Sheila Seabrook


I was definitely led to it by my Muse, because it marries all the things I’ve always believed in, but still need to hear articulated by someone else from time-to-time!

This has been THOROUGHLY enjoyable, from start to finish. And I’ve really been gratified in the past few weeks to experience TANGIBLE results from our work.

I can’t thank you enough.

Carolyn Sulilvan

Singer Songwriter, Nashville, Tennesse

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...because everything is easier

when you're inspired. 

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