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The Muse Diet

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Hello fellow creative soul.

I have a question for you.

Why did you sign up for this creative life?

I’m guessing you’re in it for the same reasons as me – you signed up for the joy of it.

The joy of being in that magical flow state when you lose track of time and you feel energised, lit up by your work.

The sheer soul-soothing delight and freedom of expression.

We face the challenges of the creative path because it’s an expression of our soul, our self – of who we really are.

And that expression feels good.

It’s a channelling of our life force and when we allow it to flow freely in our lives – it’s a source of wellness.

Creativity can be so good for us – but only when we’re doing it right…

 • • •

Because there’s another side to the creative life that’s not quite so bright and sunny…

Those times when the inspiration clouds over and it’s more force than flow.

It’s a struggle.

It’s the same when we want to look after our health and ‘do the right things’, but for some reason it feels really hard.

Some days, willpower is just not an option.

There are many who say that if we’re truly committed, we’ll power through this resistance.

They advise a stronger discipline, to force ourselves to do the thing our heart and mind and body want to flee from.

And it’s true this works for some – it’s worked for many of our greatest creative minds.

But if you’ve tried-&-failed with that approach as often as I have, you’ll know;

For some of us, the push-struggle-force approach just feels… wrong. 

Something inside us knows that having to dig deep and power through a strong unwillingness means that something is off.

However well it works for others, it’s just doesn’t feel right for us.

 • • •

When I first began to examine this I noticed that, not only was the force-of-will approach a joyless way to work – it was causing tension in my body, physical stress that I knew wasn’t good for me.

And on top of all that – most of the time, it didn’t even work!

Then one happy day, I read an article that held a ray of hope…

I learned that science is now suggesting that willpower, force, discipline, pushing through etc… – these ‘acclaimed’ strategies are NOT SUSTAINABLE.

It seems we humans only have limited resources for doing what we don’t want to do.

So, that old advice of forcing and pushing and attempting to power through resistance might not be the best way, after all!

Can you feel the relief of that?

Your soul knows this.

And your body knows.

If creativity, wellness and the joy of life come from connecting with our self – body and soul – then ignoring their messages makes no sense.

And I’m guessing your beautiful, powerful creative spirit has known all along that force is the opposite of what you’re really seeking;


Thankfully, science is now showing us that battling ourselves is not the route to happiness – or sustainable success.

Struggle is not the answer.

So, what is?

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This is where The Muse Diet can help us.

Because if you care about your health and wellness, if you want to love and nurture your body and mind – to live well in every sense – then there’s good news…

There are healthful ways to realign with your creative flow.

There are simple ways of accessing the flow of inspiration that will nourish your body, that will soothe and comfort your soul.

The Muse Diet is one example of this – how honouring and aligning with your body can reconnect you with your innate creative powers in a way that is good for you.

It’s a way to approach food and eating that will help you make friends with your body and reconnect with your creative intuition.

And when you tune back into your inner senses and your body’s powerful wisdom you can harness creative energies that are INFINITELY MORE POWERFUL than the unsustainable struggles of force and willpower.

The Muse Diet is about the simple ways – joyful ways – to align with these very real and powerful forces.

And then, not only is willpower not required, it is no longer even relevant.

Because there’s no need to battle resistance when you know how to bypass it.

And then we can use these skills for any area of our life – diet, fitness, nutrition, self-care etc…

• • •

When I began introducing these simple shifts into my life, old challenges – that I’d wrestled with for years – just began to fall away.

I managed to shake the sluggishness and lethargy that had crept up on me in recent years.

I discovered a new quality of life that comes from sleeping deeply and well every night.

My body naturally slimmed down and toned up as I worked with my physical needs, rather than against them.

Even chronic health niggles vanished almost overnight. (My doctor had told me that adult-onset asthma would be a lifelong condition but inhalers are now just a dim memory.)

And as another happy side-effect – struggling with creative blocks became a thing of the past.

Life, work, everything just got easier and more fun.

 • • •

But my story is just one example of the magic that can happen when we do life differently – with a sense of ease and flow and alignment.

I went on to share my techniques with my clients who reported similar results.

(Who knew creativity could reduce your sugar cravings?!)

And the Muse Diet is just one way to harness this idea that what’s good for our body and soul is also good for our creativity.

It’s simply a suggestion – an invitation to eat in a way that opens you up to a new world of inspiration, a new healthful energy and an eagerness to treat yourself well.

No struggle. No drama. No force.

No willpower.

Because I believe we are built for ease and flow.

It is available to us all, at all times.

And there are simple ways to enjoy more of it, more often.

To enhance our creativity, our happiness and our health.

But you don’t need to take my word for it.

I’d love you to try this for yourself.

Help yourself to the Muse Diet playbook – it’s just a short article followed by some techniques and ideas for you to experiment with in your own life.

But unlike most diets, there are no recipes, shopping lists or food plans.

We focus on just two ingredients.

And both of them are free.

I love the Muse Diet…

So accurate.

Rina Mittiga

Trainer & coach at L'Oreal

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Danielle Raine

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The Muse Diet

A free sample from The Muse Spa digital retreat for creatives.


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Sign up to receive further info and immediate access to the full Muse Diet treatment module, from Week 1 of The Muse Spa programme. 

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