My work-in-progress mock-ups

from the early days of creating The Muse Spa….

Course Content

A working* summary of the course content.

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Menu 1 : Health & Beauty

• Sleeping your way to inspiration

• The Creative Diet

• Drinking to your creative success

• Your creative spirit in motion

• VIP You

• Operation Beautify

Menu 2 : Inner calm

• Stress detox

• Taking your own sweet time

• Dropping emotional weight

• The magic of quiet

• The serious business of fun

• Building a support system

• Avoiding avoidable problems

Menu 3 : Outer calm

• The home as sanctuary

• Creating a tryst for your muse

• A smoother flowing life

• Enlightening surroundings

• Feng shui creativity cures

• Natural creative remedies

• Harnessing beauty

Menu 4 : Awareness

• Identifying and working with your natural rhythms

• The bliss of clarity

• Refining habits to support your creative dreams

• Where your muse is already reaching out to you

• Identifying your flow activities

• Exploring your sweet spot for creative success

• Reclaiming the hours of your day

• Using your psychology to your advantage

Menu 5 : Connection

• Who is the muse?

• Learning the language of the muse

• Capturing the muse

• Inducing Inspiration On Demand

• Kick-starter Muse Prompts

• Creative block-busting

• The vital foundation work for your most inspired creativity.

* Subject to a little tinkering and reshuffling.

Menu 6 : Expression

• Creative expression as a route to the good life

• An easier creative journey

• The secret to creative courage

• Turning inspiration into a body of great work

• Crafting your dream career

• The magic of living an inspired life

Why did I ‘waste my time’ creating these mock-ups?

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Writer’s Corner: Fake it while you make it

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